Saturday, November 1, 2008

Image Collection - Ioana Antoniu

Ioana creates her paintings with view to the latest trends in contemporary painting, building them in a context where figurative and abstract expressions struggle. On the one hand, there is the temptation of representation, and her works act in response to being aware of and cut up from surrounding reality, to reformulate in accordance to important themes in painting. On the other hand, there is understanding and experimenting of the pictorial vocation of painting, somehow an expression of autonomous becoming that is consistent with the internal logics of the work and independent of the representation conventions.
In the beginning was the image, a shape, or a mountain. Then it was the vision, the association of forms, details and directions that suddenly become significant.
And you feel you have been here so many times before...
I like the way this paint mixes and applies on the canvas and I like the textures and the two adjoining shades.
And there is this familiar feeling that somebody is looking at the painting over your shoulder...

Radu Pulbere - April 14, 2008

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